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Welcome to The
Deluxe Seafood Group

We are the country’s premier importer of XXL King Crab and other premium seafoods. Simply Superior Quality.

Our team of experts select the largest, and absolute best quality of King Crab and other seafood’s directly from the source. Being so hands-on allows us to quality control unlike any other supplier.

The best in the world.

King Crab – This crab is King! It is caught in the frigid Bering Sea and specifically chosen by our seafood experts to bring you the best quality of product available on the market. Large, bright red legs are plump, juicy and full of rich savory, sweet, snowy white meat.
Snow Crab – Our succulent snow crab legs are wild caught in the icy cold waters of the Barents Sea in the far East of Russia.  This delicious product is known for it’s sweet, mild flavor and snowy white meat.
Red King Crab Merus Meat– King Crab Merus meat is the largest section of the crab leg.  It has a tender texture with sweet, moist and rich flavor.  It is a highly prized product and considered the filet mignon of the crab leg.  We do all of the work for you by removing all of the shells!  One bite will have you coming back for more.
Wild Caught Scallops – These succulent, sweet, yet mild and sumptuous Jumbo Scallops are hand picked by Russian divers in the Sakhalin Region in the far East of Russia.  They are pure and natural with a creamy white color.  Rest assured that our premium scallops do not contain extra water or any other additives. They are hand shucked, frozen and dry packed.  You can’t get better then this.
Sablefish (Black Cod) – This flakey, white and delectable fish also known as ‘butter fish’, has just that, a mild and soft buttery flavor.  It is wild caught in the cool waters of the North Pacific.  This fish is a wonderful healthy option, packed with nutrients and would make a great addition to your dining table.