Alaskan Salmon Keta Roe

///Alaskan Salmon Keta Roe

Alaskan Salmon Keta Roe



Available in 500g package.


This Wild Alaskan Salmon Keta Roe is one of the most tender roe on the market. Also known as Chum Roe, it's light salty taste is quite delicate and makes the perfect addition to salads and seafood appetizers. The decorative bright red color of the well-formed eggs lights up any plate. This salmon caviar is the hallmark of gourmet food. It is perfect for health conscious consumers as well. This caviar contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Give family and friends the royal treatment by serving the finest Alaskan salmon caviar.

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(1) 500g Package, (2) 500g Packages